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  • Location: Our school.
  • Aim: Long-term intensive course XXL (3 months, 4 lessons per day: 9am – 12pm) or shorter courses (A: 40 lessons per week: 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm; B: 40 lessons or over two weeks: 9am – 12pm. Every term offers courses for students of every level.
    Practical and communicative focus complemented by exercises (targeting the students’ particular level) and clear explanations which will deepen the understanding of the students.
    For absolute beginners who want to learn the basics rapidly with minimal grammar instruction, we offer “survival Czech,” which focuses on common encounters and situations (greetings, directions, ordering in restaurants, free time, family background, phrases useful on vacations, etc.)
    For advanced students of all levels, we expand upon and deepen their linguistic ability and knowledge of the Czech language.
    Lessons are always adapted to your particular needs (specific vocabulary and themes, for example).
  • Course Dates for 2019: