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  • Location: At your workplace or another place you prefer (home, café, etc.)
  • Aim: These courses form the main part of our teachers’ workloads.
    The courses run all year long and emphasize practical communicative skills supplemented by clear explanation and grammar, text and exercise practice. You choose the time and intensity of the learning and the place of instruction. The lessons will be adapted to your needs (special topics, etc.) and intensity of work. The courses can take place in early morning hours, during the day, in the evening or over the weekends. We recommend at least 2×2 lessons a week.
  • Plus: Our company the first lesson for free, with no obligation. You will meet your teacher, cover Czech pronunciation and some basic Czech words if you are a beginner. Advanced students will revise what they have already learned and receive their first piece of homework!
  • Payment: After the first lesson you will receive a contract about the teaching. Courses for the company can be paid monthly, in arrears, by bank transfer. The invoice includes an overview of the lessons which have been signed off by the student and the teacher.
  • Textbooks: After a consultation with the student, the teacher will propose a suitable textbook in his or her native language, or will offer textbooks that have already been used in the student’s previous courses. The most commonly used textbooks include: Česky krok za krokem 1: Czech Step by Step, Holá L., Pracovní sešit 1-12 lekce 1-12, Bulejčíková P., Holá L., Převrátilová S., Pracovní sešit 13-24 lekce 1-12, Bulejčíková P., Holá L., Převrátilová S. Textbooks can be purchased in the CZ Lingua office.